Using Your Health Plan


What is a qualifying event? 
A qualifying event allows you to enroll dependents outside of the regularly scheduled enrollment period. 
Examples of qualifying events are marriage and birth or adoption of a child.

What is a family tier? 
When you enroll for Health coverage you choose a coverage tier.  Tiers are defined as:

  • Student only
  • Student and spouse/registered domestic partner
  • Student and children
  • Student and family (includes spouse/registered domestic partner and children)

How do I enroll a dependent based on a qualifying event? 
Download an enrollment form and mail it to LifeWise.

What should I do if I selected and paid for the wrong coverage level? 
Please call LifeWise Customer Service at 800-971-1491 for assistance.

Once I have enrolled how do I add or delete a dependent? 
Please call LifeWise Customer Service at 800-971-1491 for assistance.

What if I enroll and then decide I don’t want to purchase health insurance coverage? 
With a few exceptions, you can only cancel your coverage during the open enrollment period which ends on the 14th day of each quarter. Call LifeWise Customer Service at 800-971-1491 for assistance.

Benefits & Coverage

How do I file a claim? 
Healthcare providers normally bill LifeWise directly for services to you and your enrolled dependents. If you need to submit a claim to LifeWise you can complete and sign an appropriate Claim form and submit it to:

LifeWise Assurance Company
PO Box 91059
Seattle, WA

How do I file a complaint or appeal a claim? 
You may appeal any LifeWise decision you find unacceptable or was not resolved to your satisfaction. Mail a letter stating your intention to appeal a LifeWise decision to: 

LifeWise Assurance Company
PO Box 91102
Seattle, WA 98111-9202

Describe the circumstances of your situation with as much detail as possible. Please provide us with your name, member identification number, current address, and telephone numbers where we may contact you during business hours.

What if I have coverage with another insurance plan? 
You will receive an Other Coverage Questionnaire with your welcome packet. 

Who are the network providers for this plan so I can get the highest percentage of coverage? 
Find a network provider here.

I am an international student and I have other health insurance coverage.  What do I do? 
International students are required to carry health insurance. If you have other health insurance coverage, contact your Registrar's office for more information.

I need verification that I am enrolled in the student insurance plan. How do I do that? 
During the enrollment process, you can print a receipt which will serve as your verification of insurance.  At any time, you can log in to reprint your receipt again. To print a receipt log into your account and select the receipt you want to print from the list in the Orders section of page.

How do I utilize my pharmacy benefits and other network pharmacies? 
For more information, refer to your benefit booklet: