Attach Medical Records in Our Prior Authorization Tool

  • Instead of faxing, you can now upload your supporting documentation with your request when you use our prior authorization tool.

    When you submit your request online and attach medical records you get:

    • Fewer calls from us asking you to resend records
      Typically, when you attach a record, the digital version comes through more clearly than a faxed version. That means we won't have to call you ask you to resend it.
    • Efficient submission
      Submit the request and attach the records to the case in a single effort, rather than as two separate processes.
    • Visible confirmation
      You'll know we received your documentation without having to wait for a fax confirmation.

    Here are a few tips:

    • Send documentation once
      Did you attach your documentation? If so, there's no need to fax the same documentation. We only need it once!
    • Use the clinical notes box wisely
      It's optional. Use it for additional diagnosis codes, modifiers, or service date spans. (Please don't use this box to tell us that you're faxing your request or as a replacement for actual records.)
    • Mark a request as urgent only if it meets the criteria
      If delaying the request will greatly impact the patient's health, please mark it as urgent. Standard requests marked as urgent will not be processed any faster than usual. Remember, you must attach sufficient records for an urgent request to be treated as such.
    • Attach a file type we can accept
      The tool handles most common file types, such as Word, PowerPoint, and PDFs.
    • Wait to initiate your request until medical records are ready
      If we don't receive the medical records (attached via the tool or by fax) within 2 days, we will deny your request.